About Bob

Bob Richter

Vintage Lifestyle Expert: Interior Designer,
Treasure Hunter, TV Personality & Author

As "The Designer" on the PBS series Market Warriors, Bob uses his personality and expertise to strike deals at flea markets all over the country. On a global level, Bob hosts Flea Market Minute where he visits markets and shops in European cities including Paris, Budapest, Berlin and Brussels and in U.S. Cities like Los Angeles, Santa Fe, New York and Alameda. Bob was also the host of Minute Makeover on ShelterPop, where he inexpensively transformed rooms at lightning speed.

Known as America's Vintage Lifestyle Expert, Bob's new book A Very Vintage Holiday offers ideas and inspiration on how to decorate and celebrate all major holidays the vintage way. In it he offers fresh ways to use and display yesterday's nostalgic decorations, along with traditions, history and mindful activities for Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and more. His book VINTAGE LIVING is all about creating a beautiful home with treasured objects from the past. In it, Bob features lush interiors, shopping venues, ideas on entertaining and gift giving—and much more. His first book, A Very Vintage Christmas taps into his love of the holidays and offers a sneak peek into his world of collecting, which began at the age of seven. Named by Entertainment Weekly as one of the top 26 Books of 2016, A Very Vintage Christmas taps into the comfort, connection and continuity of ornaments, lights and decorations so many of us loved through the years.

Regularly featured in media outlets including The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, The Huffington Post, The Associated Press, The Boston Globe, Good Morning America, TODAY, The Hallmark Channel and HGTV, Bob delights in sharing design, antiques and bargaining advice.

Bob's love of design has been ingrained in him since he was a latchkey kid in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Often 'refreshing' his mother's house before she returned home from work, Bob got his inspirations from old movies and attic treasures. He began collecting antiques at the age of 7, while tagging along with his older brother, thus beginning a life-long love affair with garage sales, flea markets and thrift shops.

Bob grew up working for the family interior design business, which specialized in custom window treatments. There he began his appreciation of textile and color. Operating under the motto, "Just a Shade better," the business was run by his grandmother who trained Bob's eye and gave him a strong design vocabulary. She continues to be Bob's greatest inspiration.

Upon his arrival in New York over 20 years ago, Bob began working for an antiques dealer who specialized in Art Deco. He worked for her throughout his education at NYU, where he earned both a B.A. and a M.A.

Specializing in a marriage of comfort and smart design, Bob offers up a fresh take of living with "stuff." His tongue-in-cheek mantra, "More is More," speaks to his love of art and antiques, which he culls from around the globe. The Paris flea markets are a favorite haunt, but most of his greatest finds have come right from the heart of NYC, his home, and all-time favorite city.

Eclectic, fun and colorful, Bob is a mirror of his design work, which graces the homes of many a happy client. For Bob, the best part of his job is the hunt. "I'm a hopeless shopper, and if i had to only buy for myself, there would be paintings under the bed and lamps in the closets. This way I get to spread the wealth."

In addition to his design and television work, Bob also teaches communications to undergraduates at New York University. When he's not shopping for flea market treasures and vintage clothing, Bob can be found doing "Boot Camp" style workouts or watching his favorite films from Hollywood's Golden Age.

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