Trends End…So Buy What You Love and It Never Goes Out of Style!

Just like in world of fashion, antiques and vintage items are subject to trends. Right now Chanel is doing a “Hippie Chic” look with price tags that are sky high. Next season it will be something else. Similarly, in the world of antiques and design, all things Midcentury Modern are hot. So at flea markets, antiques shops and auctions, those items now have higher price tags.

But what about items from other periods? Well, those price tags have gone down—significantly. It’s pretty much common knowledge in my circles that any ‘brown’ furniture, Oriental rugs, fine china, etc., are not commanding high prices. Everyone wants Midcentury Modern.

Well, I’m not everyone. And I know many of you might not be everyone either.

This 1930s mantle with glass block is the heart of my living room. It was an end of day flea market purchase—just $100!

Midcentury Modern is great, but I’m partial to furniture and decorative objects from the 1930s and 1940s and earlier. I like the lines, the character and the overall look. So that’s what you’ll find in my home now. It’s also what you’d see in my home 10 years ago and likely into infinity.

I make no apologies for liking what I like and believe that it’s important to love what’s in my home, no matter what the trend reports say. In fact, I say, buy what you love, and it never goes out of style.

Look at Ralph Lauren, who is one of my business, design and home furnishings heroes. He has a signature look that doesn’t change much. It’s classic, comfortable and sophisticated. It’s also timeless.

Bookshelves in my dining room are filled with things that I love and have found in my flea market travels.

I love this old wooden chest of drawers my friend Craig was selling at the “Antiques at Rhinebeck” event.

Whatever success I have as a designer comes from honoring what people love and creating spaces that speak to them. That means not creating spaces that look like what’s on trend at the moment. In fact, it’s those homes that in a few years often look most dated.

I receive lots of emails from people asking me about the value of their favorite possessions, and oftentimes they fall into categories that are not on trend (like brown furniture), and I say… hold onto it. Chances are it’ll be trending in a few years and you can sell it then. Conversely, if you know brown furniture and other items that are not white hot right now are your style, it is a GREAT time to buy!

Buy confidently based on what you love. Trends end. Buy what you love, and it never goes out of style!

I loved everything in this booth at the fabulous “Antiques at Rhinebeck” event.

One of my favorite finds at “Antiques at Rhinebeck” was this pair of amazing hand-carved bookends.

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One Response to Trends End…So Buy What You Love and It Never Goes Out of Style!

  1. sandra russell says:

    I agree, I love all your paintings and the bookends by the way. I think the most successfully great ways to decorate is to feel free. That is tough. Fortunately for me, I am an artist who can still copy things I like in many mediums. I sculpt in paper mache clay, did some bronze, wax etc wood carving in my youth, now still doing ceramic and paper mache..paint in egg tempera, oils you name it, batik and on and on..I am not on trend right now, but do appreciate some of the mid century color combinations..having said that I just bought a “brown” table, solid cherry with iron legs that I dearly love…got a good price too because the trend for it closed last yr. Okay, I think it’s beautiful and wonderful. Color is the one thing most easy to change in a room, I go more for form and function, change the colors with art, linens, and flowers..rugs

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