My “Former Loves” Sale on Hunter’s Alley

The world of vintage objects is a funny one. So many things that were loved by a person often wind up like The Velveteen Rabbit…cast off and waiting for a new home.

They show up at flea markets, antiques shops or online marketplaces like “Hunter’s Alley” (the new vintage extravaganza from the masterminds behind One King’s Lane).

Since these items are vintage, they’ve clearly stood the test of time. They’ve all had at least one owner—and for all intents and purposes, several people loving them.

For my “Former Loves” sale on Hunter’s Alley, I’m featuring 250 lots of objects I’ve lived with and loved….and since I purchased them all in my world of vintage shopping, I am at least the second person to love each one.

Now it’s time to move these objects back out into the world, so I can focus on hunting for new loves (we hunters like to do that).

Since I really do love each object that I’ve included in this sale, I’d greatly enjoying seeing each one in its new home. My former loves are your new loves. That’s what the world of vintage and Hunter’s Alley is all about. I am inviting anyone who purchases something from my sale to send me a photo of the item in its new home, and I’ll share it on my blog and other social media channels.

My “Former Loves” Sale on Hunter’s Alley…Shop and Share. Beautiful vintage things change hands, and the love of the hunt and the joy of discovery is what unites us all. Happy Hunting!

Starts Sunday 3/9/14 at 7am PST and lasts for 30 days.


Screen shot 2014-03-08 at 3.03.17 PM

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