Give A Vintage Gift

If there is one common denominator about those of us who frequent flea markets, antiques shops, auctions and estate sales, it is that we love to shop. In fact, it is recreation, therapy and many other things for us.

We often shop without a list and let the day surprise us with what we find. While this describes much of my shopping experience, I do always look for certain things for clients, for myself and for gifts.

Those who are closest to me know that most of their gifts will be vintage, and since they are my friends, they certainly appreciate gifts that have a little history to them. I keep an eye out for vintage gifts all year long. The truth is that I might very well see the perfect birthday gift for a friend months and months before the actual date. So I buy special vintage presents for my best friends when I see them. (The trick is remembering where I hid them in my apartment when it comes time to give them!)


This week I saw one of my dearest friends, Sharon, and presented her with a batch of vintage gifts I’d found especially for her. There was a mesh bag from the early 1900s and a deck of “Gypsy Witch” fortune telling cards. Knowing Sharon as I do, I was pretty certain she’d appreciate each. And she did!

I also gave her a vintage photo of a little girl I’d found—as her card. I love to do this. Flea markets are filled with vintage photos (instant ancestors!), and I often find ones that remind me of certain people and write them a birthday greeting on the back. It is unique, personal and unlike things people are used to receiving.


I also pick up vintage wrapping paper when I see it. What better way to wrap a vintage gift than with vintage paper? The truth is most homes had at least one drawer of wrapping paper, so there are a lot of vintage examples out there. They are often a fraction of the price of new paper and have so much more charm.

While not everyone may appreciate a vintage gift, I know those who do and I’m glad they are my friends!

Give A Vintage Gift…and you’re likely to see the truth in that old adage “it’s the thought that counts” ring true in the smile on the recipient’s face.


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