Defining Details

By design, the foyer of a home is where first impressions are made. As such, it’s really the place that sets the tone for the whole house. I love decorating foyers since they need to be both welcoming and functional.

My client uses this space as a pied-à-terre, but wants it to feel like home. In the foyer, she needs a place to drop keys, her purse, mail, etc., and to take a quick gander at herself before heading out into the world.

With a backdrop of exotic and colorful peacock wallpaper by de Gournay, many people might think the furnishings in this space should be decoratively simple, so as not to create competition. I disagree. And so does my client. For this sassy Texan, color and rich detail are important—and competition isn’t a concern.

I dove into my world of flea markets and found all of the items she needed (and all those pictured here) from some of my favorite dealers. With this wonderful wallpaper as my guide, I chose items that pulled from its colors—but could also stand on their own.

The three-tiered English mahogany and bronze tea cart provides ample space for the essentials, plus reading material and even a package if it come in.

The mirror is Italian and is a classic, elegant form. From many angles, it reflects the wallpaper, which adds depth and interest.

The lamp is Chinese, and gives just the right pop of green, and the original shade compliments the floral fantasy that’s already going on.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Buddha frequently gets a rub on the belly for luck as she comes and goes.

Finally, the obelisk is American and gives off a strong, cool and sophisticated vibe. All of these items working together create a breezy, confident, international feel.

These carefully chosen flea market finds sum up my client’s personality, while creating an inviting and functional entrance.

Defining Details….these are the items that make a house a home. Finding them for my clients is the best part of my job.


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Specializing in a marriage of comfort and smart design, Bob offers up a fresh take on living with stuff.
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