Auctions and Flea Markets

Auctions, Flea Markets, Tag Sales, Consignment Stores and Thrift Shops are my hunting grounds.    I find things to RE-DISCOVER on a daily basis.    The truth is that what’s one man’s trash, really is another man’s treasure….

And sometimes, it’s about imagining a new use for an older item, or considering that it might be better quality and value all around to buy something that’s already in existence.     When your brain starts moving in that direction, the possibilities are endless…

While I hit these shopping venues regularly here at home, I also love going to them when on vacation.

That said, here are some Photos From the Fantastic Fleas of Paris….Porte de Vanves and Marché aux Puces St-Ouen de Clignancourt…  On my last trip, I found some incredible things…

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  1. jackie says:


    The third photo from the top look like the interior of a tiny shop I used to visit in the 12th. I cannot remember the name of the shop. It was owned by a late middle aged lady, very nice (she didn’t speak much english.) Was this photo taken in a such a shop? Oh I hope so…what is the name of the shop, do you remember??

    Many thanks,


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