Design Mantras

These are my own “Design Mantras”

They really are words I try to live by!


“I Take Care of My Home Because My Home Takes Care of Me.”


  • A home provides us with shelter and warmth, and honoring that is so important.  It’s why we make our beds every day, and why we put the laundry away, and why we make subtle daily changes and additions—so we live in comfort and joy—and beauty.


“I Live In Opulence.”


  • If we have the privilege of having running water, electricity, our own bed, using a computer every day, etc., than we are more fortunate than many in this world.  Starting from a place of gratitude, we build the foundation for growth and change.  Recognizing we already live in opulence, we pave the way for more.




“The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step.”


  • So many people get overwhelmed at the idea of changing their homes, that they are paralyzed.    Start by cleaning out a drawer, organizing your mail, selecting some paint chips….It doesn’t have to happen all at once!   In fact, the Journey is to be enjoyed and relished.



“I Honor Those That Have Gone Before Me.”


  • Inherited items are among the most cherished in a home, and they should be used, enjoyed and loved.   If you have nothing that was inherited, than fold your napkins the way your grandmother used to do it, and remember and honor her.



“If You Love It, That’s All That Matters.”


  • We don’t design our homes for others–we do it for ourselves.  Too many people worry about what things “should” look like.   Take the “should’s” out of home design and go with your gut and with what makes you smile.



“Pay It Forward.”


  • As new things come in, donate and recycle what goes out. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.   The cycle of life is about giving and receiving.



“Anything Is Possible.”


  • Rooms and homes, like people, don’t just ‘transform’ completely in a day.  With time and patience, any goal is attainable.  That said, it is important to keep daily and budgetary goals in mind as we move towards the vision of our dream home.



“Trends End.   Classic is Timeless”


  • Your home can be classic, elegant and comfortable.   Think twice before painting that headboard gold, just because a design magazine says it is the ‘hot trend of the moment.’ Think Ralph Lauren.  Lauren is about good design, classic form and function, and everyday luxury.  He’s my ULTIMATE Design Hero.

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